Reused and Repurposed Buildings

- 534 Blair Avenue -

Conversion of buildings for housing and moving of buildings to make way for new uses is not uncommon in Frogtown’s history, especially east of Dale Street. This is one of a few Saint Agnes Parish buildings that went through different iterations as houses. The house at 534 Blair Ave. was originally built in the 1880s to serve as a parish hall and school space. It is just part of the original building; the rest was moved to 387 Edmund Ave. but is gone now.

Another example is the former Leonard Ives commercial building, which was known for many years as the Family Inn, 561 Edmund Ave. The restaurant and tavern was later converted for housing use.

Frogtown has dozens of repurposed buildings, most of which went from commercial to residential use. Most are at corners, although some can be found mid-block.