Hamm Park

William Hamm donated this park located at the corner of Greenbrier in memory of his father in 1910. The land for this “mini park,” as the city calls it, was created when Lyman Dayton's Addition and Irvine’s Second Addition met up at an angle. Originally a fifth of an acre, the size of the dedicated land was somewhat expanded in recent times by the vacating of a section of Maple Street Avenue.

As a City Council member, William Hamm had a special interest in public amenities and designed the large rock circle for flowers. He served on the City Park Board and believed that parks were a vital amenity of city life. The deed for the property states that if not used as a park, the property goes back to the William’s descendants.

In 2013, the Dayton’s Bluff Community Council sought city funding for a plan for a redesign of Hamm Park. Their restoration calls for walkways to create passages into the center of the park. They also hope to create features incorporating community history and diversity. Other possibilities include adding a small fountain and landscaping with sustainable plantings.