Edgar and Mary Long House 332 Summit Avenue

The large brick and stone house at 332 Summit Avenue was built in 1889 by Edgar and Mary Long. Designed by the architectural firm of Gilbert and Taylor, the mansion is Romanesque in style, and construction costs came to about $30,000. He also built a large carriage house behind his mansion for the cost of $5,000. Edgar C. Long was born in New York in 1848, and came to Minnesota in 1871. He amassed a fortune in the railroad business, first as a railroad contractor, and later a railroad supply merchant.

The house’s some 7500+ square feet are divided into 14 main rooms, a spacious entry foyer, which are finished in mahogany, oak, and maple woodworking’s, all hand-carved with precise detail. The ceilings are given lavish molded plaster patterns of rings and diamond. The interior intricacies can be noted even in the radiator covers, which may appear to be made of brick, though they are made of cast iron.