Crawford Livingston House 339 Summit Avenue

This Medieval Rectilinear styled house at 339 Summit Avenue was built in 1898 for the cost of $14,000. The owner Crawford Livingston hired architect Cass Gilbert to design the home. The house’s unique design makes it stand out on the avenue, with its second floor façade coming out over the front porch, held up by columns under brick molded arches.

Crawford Livingston was born in 1850 in New York. He married Mary S. Potts in Saint Paul on January 28th, 1875, and together they had five children. Crawford was president of a money broking company, “Livingston C. and Co”, and his son, Crawford Livingston Jr. who was born on October 29th, 1876, followed his father in business. Records indicate that the Livingston family never lived in the house, and it was used as rental property. Their family home was down the street at 432 Summit Avenue, what is now called the Burbank, Livingston, Griggs mansion.