Albert and Caroline Lindeke House 345 Summit Avenue

Previously on the site where 345 Summit Avenue stands today, was a large Victorian house built by Augustus K and Josephine Barnum in 1879. Constructed for a cost of $15,000, the wood-frame house stood on Summit Avenue until about 1904, when it was moved to Irvine Park. It lasted until 1974 when it was destroyed in an arson fire.

The house on the site today was built in 1909 by Albert and Caroline Lindeke. Constructed for a cost of $25,000 the house was designed by Clarence Johnston, a famous architect who designed more houses on Summit Avenue than any other. The home is English Tudor in style, with a brick first story, and the second and third are built with the traditional stucco and beams.

Albert William Lindeke was born on March 7th, 1873 in Saint Paul Minnesota. His father was a partner in a wholesale dry goods company called Lindeke, Warner, and Schurmeier, and lived nearby his son at 295 Summit. When Albert became of age, he joined his father in business. He married Caroline Saunders the daughter of coal merchant, Edward Saunders, in 1907. They likely met while Albert was living with his parents at their home on Summit Avenue, and Caroline was with her parents at 323 Summit. The couple built their new mansion two years after their marriage and raised two children there, Mary P., and Albert W. Lindeke.