3M Engages the Community

“By contributing to, and participating in civic projects, 3M and 3M employees have helped to strengthen the bond of community relationship. The unique characteristic of 3M's contribution to the many communities of which it is a part, is the scope and enthusiasm in which 3Mployes enter into many of these various programs and activities.”  — 3M Megaphone, July 1953

3Mers Give Blood

The company set up a blood donation program with the Red Cross.  A bloodmobile came to the plant regularly.

3M and the Local High Schools

3M worked with local schools such as Johnson and Harding High Schools to recruit employees. Young men and women could work part-time while still in school, then move on  to full-time jobs after graduation.

3M and Junior Achievement

3M provided advisors to the Saint Paul Junior Achievement program. The program offered practical business experience to high school students by helping them set up their own businesses.