3M & Saint Paul

A History of the 3M Saint Paul Office and Plant


3M was located on Saint Paul’s East Side for almost 100 years and the company was headquartered here until 1962. Visit the site of 3M’s historic campus at 900 Bush Avenue and you will encounter a series of illustrated panels that recall the company and those who worked here. This interpretive program has been developed to help tell that story as partial mitigation for the demolition of historic buildings on the campus.

The On-Site Interpretive Program

The 3M story is conveyed through a series of panels of three sizes, based on their content. The panels extend from this location at the Hub to the site north of Phalen Boulevard, which was the location of 3M’s mechanical operations.

The illustrated panels help to convey a picture of what the plant and campus looked like, “what happened here, who worked here, and how 3M fit into the broader community.” The large thematic interpretive panels are installed on limestone panels that have been salvaged from the exterior facing of Building 42.

Interpretive Panels portray broad themes and stories regarding the growth and development of 3M, its people, and its major products on Saint Paul’s East Side.

Way Markers convey focused information regarding the people and resources of 3M and their relation to the community.

Site Facts describe interesting facts and events related to 3M and the Saint Paul campus.



900 Bush Avenue, St. Paul, MN 55106